Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Chicken and Dumplings with Mushrooms

Bon appetit, 2/14, pg 74.  Also:


Pretty much followed the recipe, except added carrots and parsnips after the onions.  The parsnips were a bit soft to begin with, and turned too soft in the soup.  Some of the reviews said it was bland, but we thought it was pretty good.

We made the cornmeal dumplings out of the Joy of Cooking instead of the ones from the recipe because we thought the cornmeal would be good.  It didn't work well.  We used tablespoons instead of teaspoons which made rather large dumplings, and the dumplings mostly turned into cornmeal mush.  Not sure if we had too many in a pot or what.

Anyway, the soup was good, more work on the dumplings next time.

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